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Italian Charm - Australian Cattle Dog (Enamel)

Price: $11.00
Item Number: AC Australian Cattle Dog
Italian Charm - Australian Cattle Dog (Enamel), dog jewelry, doggy charm, wrist bracelet,
Italian charm bracelets, a classy and timeless way to express yourself! Italian Stainless Steel Modular Bracelets & Charms are one of the most beautiful, versatile imports to ever hit the United States. Already a huge fashion trend in Europe, these interchangeable stainless steel & 16K gold bracelet charms are a must for every fashionable dog lover. The unique modular construction of these Italian Charm bracelets enables you to add designs as you wish and design your very own personalized jewelry, using letters, zodiac symbols, flags, enamel symbols, birthstones, etc. All of our Italian charms and Italian charm braclets are compatible with Zoppini, Boxing, RE Florence and all other major Italian charm brands.