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Coolie Snap Mats

Price: From $39.00 to $59.00

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Embroidering (+ $20.00)

Coolie Snap Mats

Your dog will stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days with our unique, custom made Coolie Snap Mats Make no mistake...Our Coolie Snap Mats are not made from ordinary car chamois, PVA material or terry cloth.

The Coolie Snap Mat is made from a revolutionary hi-tech hyper-evaporative, mesh fabric that is soft and lightweight. Simply soak in water, ring out and snap to activate the cooling properties. Once activated the Coolie Snap Mats cool instantly to 20 degrees below average body temperature and can stay cool for hours depending on the outside conditions. Repeating the soak, ring, and snap steps can easily reactivate the Coolie Snap Mat. Unlike traditional cooling coats made with PVA material, the Coolie Snap Mat will stay soft and supple when dry and our coats are up to 90% lighter in weight than traditional PVA cooling coats!

Small        12" x 18"
Medium    18" x 24"
Large        20" x 30"

Custom Embroidering Available Yes... we will have this embroidered for you! (Be careful not to get too wordy ;) Contact us directly via email if you would like something other than text.

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