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Deer Leather Leads with Crystal Bling

Deer Leather Dog LeadWhite Deer Leather Dog Lead
Price: $59.00


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Deer Leather Show Leads

with Crystal Bling

The ultimate in sophistication and style...these yummy leads are specifically designed with the show ring in mind, but are also perfect for a walk down the street or in the park.  You won't believe how comfortable this buttery soft leather feels in your hand while showing or walking. The supple, soft Deer Skin leathers are not only strong, but available in 7 colors to compliment any dog. And Oh, Yes...The Bling! Swarovski Crystal Beads add the perfect pizzazz in the ring or the neighborhood.

More BLING More CHING. Handmade to your custom specifications with Style of Lead, Color and Length. Won't harden or crack and is hand washable!

Available in black, brown, red/brn, chocolate, cream, white, purple and pink.

Available Lead Style Options
Slide (resco style) (lead with large collar loop & slide down clip)
Kindness (same as slide lead, with added kind collar piece)
British Style Slip (all in one... lead/collar with bead stop)
Snap (metal snap at end to attach to ring on collar)
Loop (small loop at end of lead to slip through ring on a collar)
Martingale** (excellent solution for dogs that slip out of their collars**)

**for proper martingale fit, please leave head and neck measurement in notes section at checkout**
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.