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Braided Bull Collars

Price: $39.00

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Braided Bullhide Choke or Limited Slip Collar

Bullhide starts out wonderfully soft, with a stetchy, springy feel, yet are very very strong. Individually crafted with simple hand tools, these collars have no stitching or rivets, as these tend to pop or break long before the collar has worn out.

Choose any 2 of the available colors and have yours custom made today.

Our Braided Bull Collars are all CUSTOM MADE. Please measure carefully. The collars are no return, no refund due to incorrect measurements sent to us. ANY questions on measurements? Feel free to contact us via email.

* Note: When selecting colors for a Braided Buckle Collar choose one Bullhide and one Latigo color to insure proper buckle strength.