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Small Hedgehog Toy

Price: $6.95


Harley the Hedgehog Toy

Harley the Hedgehog is safer, made with better quality, and provides more fun than other toys on the market. Harley makes lots of noise with big squeakers and loud rattles inside. You
can watch your dog shake, rattle and roll with Harley Plus, only Plush Puppies offers toys with all plastic noisemakers-won't sliver, contain dried beans or metal pieces-a real safety bonus! This hedgehog retains the owner's and the dog's own scent, which provides a sense of security and companionship for your dog when you're not actively playing with him. Custom made specifically for dogs, with super-strong sewn seams and no plastic eyes or noses to assure pet safety. Machine washable, since dogs love to get Harley dirty.
(That's ok, he'll look new after washing). Available in brown or gray, he will be a surprise when he arrives.

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