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ioVet Oral

Price: $28.95

Introducing ioVetâ„¢

Oral Pet Water Additive

Introducing ioVet Oral, a canine and feline pet water additive that improves your pet's gum and oral health. Use for whiter teeth and an end to bad breath.

By 2 years of age, approximately 70% - 80% of dags and cats have some form of periodontal (pero) disease which is characterized by the destruction of supporting bone and, ultimately, loss of teeth. ioVet Oral - a patented, first available ,molecular iodine-based canine and feline dental product supports gum and periodontal health while freshening breath and promoting overall well-being. 

Simply adding ioVet to your companions drinking water once a day can virtually eliminate the need to brush their teeth again.