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Kangaroo Braided Collars

Price: $39.00


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The Finest Collection of Kangaroo Collars
(in this hemisphere)

If you are a professional dog handler, you know the importance of having the right show collar. Appearance is everything! Gain the advantage with the most exclusive show collars on earth.

It doesn't get any better than this. Luxury, Style, Elegance, Grace...and Strength.

In the show ring or out on the street, Kangaroo Leather is the perfect way to get noticed. 

Kangaroo Leather fibers run horizontally with the skin as opposed to cow hide, which runs randomly. This creates the great tensile strength...4 times stronger than cow hide. It is abrasion resistant with a superior finish, and becomes buttery soft with use without losing strength or structure. And, it is much lighter than cow much more flexible.

They are versatile as well. Available in Choke, Martingale and Tag style. Our collars are measured end to end, including rings (please measure carefully) These collars are all custom made, No returns.