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Martingale Collars - Wide (1-1/2")

Price: $29.00

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Wide Martingale Dog Collars

Snappy Martingale Collars - 1-1/2" width make them ideal for dogs with longer necks (Afghan, Greyhounds, Whippets, etc...) Martingale collars are also superb as a training tool for dogs that tend to pull.

Fashion ribbon is sewn on to 100% nylon collar. Stylish indeed!

Benefits of a Martingale Collar...

  • Prevents your dog from backing out of the collar
  • Adjustable
  • Fixed loop of the collar will alow a certain amount of tightening but does not cause harm to your dog's neck or esophagus
  • Excellent for training and for breeds that have heads that are the same size of smaller than their necks
  • Slips over dog's head
  • A proper fit is essential and cannot be emphasized enough